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Pali Devotional Chanting (MP3 Files)
Compiled and recited by Venerable Indaratana Maha Thera
Mp3 01-chant-01.mp3
174 KB
Mp3 02-chant-02.mp3
75 KB
Buddhabhivadana - Salutation to the Buddha.
Mp3 03-chant-03.mp3
142 KB
Tri-Sarana - The Three Refuges.
Mp3 04-chant-04.mp3
120 KB
Panca Sila - The Five Precept.
Mp3 05-chant-05.mp3
210 KB
Buddha Vandana - Homage to the Buddha.
Mp3 06-chant-06.mp3
201 KB
Dhamma Vandana - Homage to the Doctrine.
Mp3 07-chant-07.mp3
306 KB
Sangha Vandana - Homage to the Disciples of the Buddha.
Mp3 08-chant-08.mp3
57 KB
Cetiya Vandana - Salutation to the Pagodas.
Mp3 09-chant-09.mp3
264 KB
Bodhi Vandana - Salutation to the Bodhi Tree.
Mp3 10-chant-10.mp3
56 KB
Padipa Puja - Offering of Lights.
Mp3 11-chant-11.mp3
56 KB
Sugandha Puja - Offering of Incense.
Mp3 12-chant-12.mp3
111 KB
Puppha Puja - Offering of Flowers.
Mp3 13-chant-13.mp3
268 KB
Anumodana - Transference of Merits to all Celestial Beings.
Mp3 14-chant-14.mp3
78 KB
Patti Dana - Transference of Merits to Departed Relatives.
Mp3 15-chant-15.mp3
55 KB
Patthana - Aspiration.
Mp3 16-chant-16.mp3
65 KB
Khamayacana - Forgiveness of Faults.
Mp3 17-chant-17.mp3
695 KB
Mangala Sutta - The Discourse on Blessings.
Mp3 18-chant-18.mp3
1,155 KB
Ratana Sutta - The Discourse on Jewels
Mp3 19-chant-19.mp3
456 KB
Metta Sutta - The Discourse on Loving-kindness.
Mp3 20-chant-20.mp3
1,185 KB
Maha Jayamangala Gatha - Great Verses of Joyous Victory.
The accompanying text 'Vandana: Pali Devotional Chanting and Hymns ' is available in the BuddhaNet eBook Library :
Download PDFvandana02.pdf [726 KB]
Pali Devotional Hymns (MP3 Files)
Sung by Visarad Srima Ratnayaka
Mp3 01-hymn-01.mp3
235 KB
Introduction .
Mp3 02-hymn-02.mp3
761 KB
Nava Guna Gatha - The Nine Virtues of the Buddha.
Mp3 03-hymn-03.mp3
573 KB
Narasiha Gatha - Stanzas of the Lion of Men.
Mp3 04-hymn-04.mp3
666 KB
Paticca-samuppada - Reflection on the Wheel of Life.
Mp3 05-hymn-05.mp3
1,492 KB
Jayamangala Gatha - Stanzas of Victory and Blessings.
Mp3 06-hymn-06.mp3
302 KB
Caturarakkha Bhavana - Four Protective Meditations (Summary)
Mp3 07-hymn-07.mp3
216 KB
Chattamanavaka Gatha - Stanzas of the Triple Gem.
Selected verses from the Dhammapada
3,071 KB
Forty-six Verses.
The accompanying text 'Vandana: Pali Devotional Chanting and Hymns' is available in the BuddhaNet eBook Library :
Download PDFvandana02.pdf [726 KB]
The Buddhist Society of Western Australia Chanting Book (MP3 Files)
Mp3 chanting.zip
07 KB
Text of Pali Chanting - with English translations.
Mp3 1_chanting.mp3
2.4 MB
1. Dedication of Offerings. (NB: large file)
Mp3 2_chanting.mp3
600 KB
2. Preliminary Homage.  
Mp3 3_chanting.mp3
750 KB
3. Recollection of the Buddha.
Mp3 4_chanting.mp3
620 KB
4. Recollection of the Dhamma. 
Mp3 5_chanting.mp3
1.4 MB

5. Recollection of the Sangha.

Mp3 6_chanting.mp3
3.5 MB
6. The Metta Sutta: The Buddha's Words on Loving-kindness.
Mp3 7_chanting.mp3
5.1 MB

7. The Refuges and Precepts.  (NB: large file size)

Vietnamese Chanting - Sino-Vietnamese (MP3 Files)
Mp3 vietchant01.mp3
2.921 KB
The Early Morning Great Bell Verse.  (NB: large file size)
Mp3 vietchant02.mp3
4.067 KB
The Prayer for Harmony and Peace.  (NB: large file size)
Pureland Chanting - Chinese (MP3 Files)
Mp3 Namo Amituofo.mp3
281 KB
Chant of Amitabha Buddha: Namo Amituofo!
Mp3 Namo Amitabha .mp3
5,075 KB
Namo Amitabha.  (NB: large file size)
Chanting Om Mani Padme Hum - Chinese (MP3 Files)
Mp3 OmManiPadeHum .mp3
2,017 KB
Om Mani Padme Hum
Mp3 OmManiPadeHum.mp3
21,355 KB
Om Mani Padme Hum.  (NB: very large file size)
Chanting of Nichiren Buddhism (MP3 Files)
Mp3 nam_myoho.mp3
2.201 KB
Mp3 nichiren_gong.mp3
3.224 KB
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo/Recitation of 2nd/16th chap.Lotus Sutra
»  Text of the Nichiren Chanting .
The Chant of Metta - Suffusing Loving-kindness (MP3 File)
Mp3 metta.mp3
The Chant of Metta - a musical rendition by Imee Ooi. (64kbps Stereo)

»  Text of the Chant of Metta : Pali / English.

Pali Buddhist Chanting - Thai Style (MP3 Files)
From Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram, Thailand. Chanting Leader: Phra Bhavana Visutthikhun, abbot.
Mp3 Namo3refuges.mp3
201 KB
Namo tassa and The Three Refuges.
Mp3 Dhammachakka.mp3
2,139 KB
Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (The Buddha's First Sermon).
More Thai Buddhist Chanting:
Mp3 1_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,991 KB
1. An Invitation to the Devas.
Mp3 2_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,554 KB
2. Anussarana Patha Chant.  
Mp3 3_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,773 KB
3. Buddha Jaya Mangala Gatha.
Mp3 4_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,356 KB
4. Chaya Paritta Chant. 
Mp3 5_Thai_chanting.mp3
7,643 KB

5. Pali Tripitaka Chant.

Mp3 6_Thai_chanting.mp3
2,640 KB
6. The Blessing Chant.
Mp3 7_Thai_chanting.mp3
2,670 KB

7. Jinapanjara Gatha.

Mp3 8_Thai_chanting.mp3
3,670 KB
8. Devotional Chant (1)
Mp3 9_Thai_chanting.mp3
3,649 KB
9. Devotional Chant (2)
Buddhist Chanting - Mantras (WAV Format Files)
WAV omm.wav
92 KB
Mantra: OM MANI PADME HUM (Tibetan Buddhist)
WAV amtb8.wav
882 KB
Name of Amitabha Buddha: NAMO AMITABHA (Pure Land)
WAV gelug_chant.wav
55 KB
Chanting by Tibetan monks in the Gelugpa tradition.
RealAudio Files:
RealAudio Karaniya Metta Sutta ( 1, 078 KB)
Pali chanting by the Thai monks of Wat Buddharangsee, Sydney, with English translation.
RealAudio The Chant of Metta ( 2,265 KB)
The Chant of Metta - a musical rendition by Imee Ooi.
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